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Seeing Red: Five Favorite Stops on the MBTA’s Red Line

Some may accuse us at the Atmark of romanticizing the MBTA’s Red Line. Well, accuse all you want. But we love the experience of tapping that Charlie Card and, mere minutes later, emerging from the subway into completely different landscapes. Here are five of our favorite Red Line stops.

JFK/UMass: Steep Yourself in History at the John F. Kennedy Library

Step off the Red Line at JFK/UMass and look out at the stunning IM Pei-designed building gracing the waterfront the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum. A quick, free shuttle drops you off at the library doors. Inside, you’ll find remarkable exhibits and digital collections on everything from the Cuban Missile Crisis to Jackie’s famous dress collection.

Kendall Square: Take a Riverside Stroll

Kendall is so steeped in technology, you’ll feel smarter just sipping a latte from the local coffee vendor. Wander around the MIT campus and enjoy the modern architecture, then grab a meal from the area’s famed food trucks. See a film at the hippest theater in town, stroll along the Charles River or enjoy the Boston skyline by kayak or canoe.

Central Square: Dance the Night Away

Whether you want to see live theater, hit the clubs for some dancing, enjoy a great meal or watch the World Cup at a popular Brazilian spot, Central Square has something to offer you. The densely populated neighborhood is always hopping, and most find an evening out slightly more affordable than in the neighboring squares.

Harvard Square: Spend an Afternoon in the Ivy League

With its plethora of bookstores, coffee shops and prime spots to people watch, Harvard Square is never short on activity. The area boasts great shopping and eating, with block upon block of restaurants, clothing, furniture and footwear stores. And of course, there’s the atmosphere and architecture of historic Harvard Yard.

Davis Square: Experience the Height of Hip

Bars, shops, restaurants and the Somerville Theatre promise endless entertainment options. Catch some great live music or park yourself on a bench and enjoy the local scene in a spot where even the newspaper boxes have been turned into sculptures. On warm evenings, kids dance with ice cream cones while street musicians play familiar tunes.

You can see why we’re so in love with the Red Line. Whether you’re in the mood for a history lesson or a terrific Thai meal, these neighborhood offerings will leave you more than satisfied.