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Go Wild at Alewife Brook Reservation

Alewife Brook Reservation is an “urban wild.” If you’ve never experienced something like this, we highly recommend it. And the Atmark puts this wonderful reservation just steps away.

Imagine stepping out of the MBTA subway system, smack in the middle of Cambridge, Somerville and Arlington, into a wetland where osprey and great blue heron thrive. It’s almost unfathomable, but a stunning reality thanks in part to the Friends of Alewife Reservation, who offer guided tours of the area along with events like wildlife tracking and edible plant foraging.

As an urban wild, the park is a “remnant of a natural ecosystem found in the midst of an otherwise highly developed urban area.” Come any time of the year for bird-watching, hiking or just sitting and reading. Arrive near dusk and you might spot deer or even wild coyotes. (Keep your distance!)

Alewife Brook Reservation sits along the 11-mile Minuteman Bikeway¬†ideal for a long run or an afternoon of cycling. Don’t miss the chance to visit this rare place of refuge that is quietly thriving in the midst of a busy urban setting. The park is free and open from dawn to dusk.