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The Atmark Gets Fit: Cycling Cambridge

With fresh new bike lanes painted onto major roadways, a bicycle share initiative taking hold and DIY bike repair stations popping up around the city, Cambridge is more cyclist-friendly than ever.

The city has officially made “bike friendliness” part of its environmental conservation plan. There are lots of ways to enjoy it all on two wheels here are just a few to get you started.

If you can’t swim it, bike it

When it comes to Cambridge bikeways, one of the first paths people think of is the Charles River Bikepath¬†and for good reason. This flat, winding course with beautiful, year-round views of the Boston skyline can get crowded (like the other courses mentioned here), so it’s most pleasant on an early weekday morning. But if you’re prepared to share your space with runners, walkers and the occasional pup, you should do just fine regardless of when you ride.

Easier than a walk in the park

With its rolling green hills, Danehy Park is a great place to get a workout. You won’t believe you’re in the middle of a busy urban center or that you’re riding over what was once a landfill. Perhaps best of all, park planners ordained specific paths for cyclists and for people on foot, so you won’t have to dodge those dog walkers.

Why not take a page from Paul Revere?

Brush up on your history with a tour along the historic Minuteman Bikeway, or just enjoy the lush landscape for its own sake. Well loved by locals and visitors alike, this path has a fabulous website with maps and events. Leave your car, and your cares, behind at the nearby Alewife parking lot and make a day of it.

Are you ready to plot out your next adventure? Visit the City of Cambridge Web page dedicated to biking and click “Bicycle Facilities: Lanes, Paths, etc.”for a detailed map of routes to explore.