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Listen! Eight Top Spots for Live Music in Cambridge

If you live in Cambridge and don’t spend time listening to live music, you don’t know what you’re missing. The list that follows is just a start, but it spans neighborhoods beyond the Atmark’s and covers a whole range of musical tastes.
Lizard Lounge (Porter Square)
Get cozy with the band under the dim lights at this intimate space showcasing rock, folk, blues and jazz Mondays through Saturday. Located beneath Cambridge Common restaurant, this basement venue is known for solid beer options and attention to acoustics.
This popular spot draws big crowds for a range of music, including some of the best indie rock in the area. Although folks grumble over the food, the sound quality has improved dramatically in recent years and, really, isn’t that why we’re here?
Club Passim (Harvard Square)
A small nonprofit club with a big history featuring every imaginable sound: Americana, blues and bluegrass, Celtic, country, folk, jazz, pop/rock, singer-songwriter, world music and more. In 2009, they added booze to the menu after decades as a dry bar.
Plough and Stars (Central Square)
Looking for a friendly neighborhood Irish pub that’s much more than that? This gem is your go-to spot for an eclectic mix of local music.
Toad (Porter Square)
A teensy neighborhood bar with a big heart, Toad offers live music every night of the week and never charges a cover. Enjoy great bands and super-sweet bartenders.
TT the Bear’s Place (Central Square)
Small bar, small cover, featuring small-time bands that are bound to get big. The live rock, from both touring and local bands, has been drawn in a generally younger crowd for years.
Ryles Jazz Club (Inman Square)
The place to go for jazz any night of the week, this Cambridge institution boasts that its two floors feature the best live music in town. Many local jazz fans would agree.
Cantab Lounge (Central Square)
This dance-happy dive bar inspires a lot of love, especially among the college crowd. Come for bluegrass, funk and cheap drinks, but bring cash. No plastic accepted.
Some folks will say they’ll never leave Cambridge just because of the bands. If you haven’t experienced it yet, you’ll find the live music scene is a great way to get to know the place and to find yourself feeling right at home.