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That’s Entertainment: Five Fun Features at the Atmark

Having fun shouldn’t feel like work. That’s why we built fun right into life at the Atmark, in ways big and small. Around every corner is a little something designed to let you enjoy life just a little more. Here are some ways to stay smiling:

Keep Four-legged Friends Happy

You can’t be truly happy when your best friend is down in the dumps. That’s why our resident dog owners are so grateful for our expansive, secure “bark park.” Not only is it a terrific space for the pups to run and play, it’s a great spot to meet and hang out with fellow dog lovers.

Get Fired Up for Cold Weather

When the New England air turns crisp, there’s nothing more welcoming than a roaring fire. We made toasty fireplaces the centerpieces of our upscale lounge and lobby. And we even added a fire pit in the outdoor lounge. Pick your favorite spot and warm up with a hot cocoa or something a little more “adult” from the wine bar.

Take Yourself to a Movie

Are you a fan of the big screen? Grab the popcorn and settle in for a flick at our cinema-style HD theatre. Its stadium seating means that whether you’re watching a rom-com, a thriller or the big game, you won’t find a bad seat in the house.

Play Around

We’re big kids at heart, so we couldn’t build luxe living space without a clubhouse. Ours has a game room with billiards and even a wine bar. Looking for some outdoor fun? Practice your punto, raffa and volo with a round of bocce on our regulation-size court.

Get Your Grill On

Food and fun go hand in hand. And nothing says party like a barbecue. But as with everything at the Atmark, we believe when you do something, you should do it right. That’s why our outdoor grilling stations are professional-grade. Grab the steak sauce, tie on that apron and get ready for a great meal in your own backyard.

If you live at the Atmark, you don’t have to schedule fun into your calendar. It’s happening all around you and there’s something here for everyone. “