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Atmark Blog

Archive for December, 2013

Happily Ever @fter: How the Atmark Got Its Name

You’re probably well aware that the Atmark stands in a neighborhood steeped in high-tech history, in a city framed by the high-tech towers of Harvard and MIT. But have you heard how that history ties ...

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Cambridge Dog Parks & More: Entertaining the Atmark’s Four-Legged Friends

At the Atmark, we love dogs so much we designed the building with them in mind. And we’re panting with excitement in anticipation of Atmark’s very own dog park, set to open this spring. But ...

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Atmark Presents: Bocce for Beginners

One of the emerging favorites at the Atmark is our regulation-size community bocce court. While bocce’s roots date back to Egypt in 5,000 B.C., many people today aren’t familiar with the game. In case you ...

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