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Atmark Presents: Bocce for Beginners

One of the emerging favorites at the Atmark is our regulation-size community bocce court. While bocce’s roots date back to Egypt in 5,000 B.C., many people today aren’t familiar with the game. In case you could use a primer, here’s everything you need to know to play a smooth game of bocce:

  • There’s no time limit, so take a stroll to one end of the court. Don’t worry about advantages here both you and your opponent bowl from the same end each round.
  • Flip a coin (or play “rocks, papers, scissors). Whoever wins gets first choice on ball color and throws that little white ball, the “Jack,” first.
  • Each team gets to bowl in style with four balls, so go ahead and separate the colors now.
  • The object of the game is to score points up to a certain total (similar to a game of 21 in basketball). You can choose a random number, but we’ll go ahead and recommend 15 points.
  • You rack up a point each time one of your colored balls is closer to the Jack then the next closest opponent’s ball. So if you are a rock star and have four of your own colored balls closest to the white ball, you get four points.
  • If you have one ball closest to the white ball, but then an opponent is next closest, then you’ve got to settle for a single point here.
  • Sometimes it’s a close call. If opposing colored balls are exactly the same distance to the Jack, they cancel each other out, and no points hit the scoreboard.
  • After all the balls are thrown, the team with the most points that round goes first the next round.
  • Those who are competitive will like to know that knocking an opponent’s balls away from the Jack is okay.
Good to go? Make us proud and bowl like a champion!