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Cambridge Dog Parks & More: Entertaining the Atmark’s Four-Legged Friends

At the Atmark, we love dogs so much we designed the building with them in mind. And we’re panting with excitement in anticipation of Atmark’s very own dog park, set to open this spring. But Fido and Freda will likely want more than one place to romp. Here are some outings that will be terrific fun for you and for your pet.
Please note: Be sure to have your Cambridge dog license handy, since the city is somewhat strict about enforcement. Another tip: If you don’t want to irritate the rangers, keep your dogs on the marked paths and on leash where instructed.
  • Fresh Pond: A gorgeous 2.25 mile loop around the pond shared by dogs, runners and running dogs, this place is puppy heaven. The woodsy surroundings keep traffic sounds at bay and work wonders for your mood and your dog.
  • Danehy Park:This expansive park has plenty of parking and enormous fenced-in dog runs that are size-specific, so your 10-pound bichon won’t get stepped on by that enthusiastic Great Dane. There’s even a doggy time-out area for keeping quarrelsome canines in line.
  • Alewife:Just past Alewife Station, on the Minuteman Trail, is a brand-spanking-new fenced-in doggy playground complete with tubes and slides. The dogs here tend to get rowdy, so if your pup is on the shy side, you might try bringing him in off hours.

In addition to “official” dog parks, many of Cambridge’s parks allow dogs to run off-leash during specific windows of time. Just be respectful of posted signs and aware that not every resident wants to be pounced on by your pooch. All in all, it’s an incredibly dog-friendly city. One more reason to love your neighborhood at the Atmark.