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Happily Ever @fter: How the Atmark Got Its Name

You’re probably well aware that the Atmark stands in a neighborhood steeped in high-tech history, in a city framed by the high-tech towers of Harvard and MIT. But have you heard how that history ties in to our building’s influences and ideals and, ultimately, how it gave the Atmark its name?
Across the street from the Atmark sits the storied technological giant Raytheon BBN. In the 1950s and 60s, BBN, founded by MIT researchers, was always operating at the forefront of tech knowledge. (So much so that the company was coined Cambridge’s “third university” after Harvard and MIT.) One of the principal scientists, Ray Tomlinson, was searching for a symbol to separate a recipient’s name from his computer system. Staring down at his computer keyboard, his eye fell on the “@” symbol, and the rest is history.
The Atmark’s ownership group knew and loved this story before the building was even constructed. And in the plans and imaginings that went into the conceiving the Atmark, the celebration and integration of technology was there at every turn. From the building’s iPad bar to its ever-present touchscreens to its closest neighbors and its very name the Atmark is a place built to embrace the furthest frontiers of knowledge and the discoveries to come.