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Well Wishes: Our New Onsite Programs Help You Put Your Health First

This is the time of year when many of us make promises about prioritizing our health and well-being. But when you revisit your resolutions from years past, you might find yourself feeling a little disappointed in how quickly they fizzled out.
If that’s the case, it’s time to set aside the guilt, because reaching your wellness goals is about to get a whole lot easier.
At the Atmark, one of our own resolutions¬† and one that we stick with has long been about helping build healthier communities. That’s why we partnered with SavSanito hold wellness classes right here in the building, beginning in January 2014.
SavSani has been a welcome addition to the Atmark family. They’re a small, local team of sincere, focused, talented individuals who share a commitment to helping people build strength and resilience, and a balance that lends itself to a deeper satisfaction in their day-to-day lives. Translation: You really will have a happy New Year.
Besides excelling in guiding and instructing their clients, the SavSani folks are also warm, generous people who are easy to be around. They have a gift for connecting groups and individuals with a comprehensive, collaborative approach to whole health.
“What drives us is transforming people to become healthy and happy,” our friends at SavSani say.
Whether your New Year’s goals touch on nutrition, meditation, yoga or overall health, you’ll have experts right here onsite. Make the commitment to yourself, and this could be the year that changes everything.