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Thinking Green Thoughts at the Atmark

The green trend is as popular as ever these days. And though it may be easy enough to pay lip service to the environment, the Atmark is always raising the bar. In fact, in the back office, we often talk about how maintaining the highest standards of eco-friendliness has become second nature to us. (Doesn’t everyone feel a painful twinge in the tummy at the sight of a recyclable in a trash bin?)
You can read about the Atmark’s green practices and certifications on our website and elsewhere on this blog. But you might appreciate knowing that our green practices go far beyond recycling bins and energy-efficient lighting. They pervade life and work at the Atmark from the front lobby to every last apartment unit.

When we walk through the doors of the Atmark, we’re reminded of how much delight rests in discoveries like the neighboring business that constructed our stunning fireplaces mantles with repurposed wood from a 19thcentury farmhouse. That allowed us to go with a design and materials both green and local as well as simply stunning.

As a staff, wework hard to cultivate awareness and respect for the environment in ways small and large, in ourselves as well as among residents. To show how easy it is to get around by T, we welcome new residents with a free Charlie Card. We also throw in a free stock of environmentally friendly cleaning products just like we use in all the common areas. And like every nook and cranny of the building, we pride ourselves on being 100% smoke-free.
We’re always searching for new ways to embrace and increase environmentally conscious practices. Do you have a suggestion you’d like to share? Please let us know! Call us at 866.426.1762 or visit our Contact page¬†we look forward to hearing from you.