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Hidden Neighborhood Gem: Formaggio Kitchen Annex

We at the Atmark have long envied nearby Huron Village, home to Formaggio Kitchen. This is a cheese lover’s dream destination, whether you want to bring something delectable to a party or tour the cave where cheese magic happens.

“It doesn’t stop at cheese, though,” the folks at Formaggio explain on their website. “Our collective catalog of knowledge covers olive oil, honey, wine, beer, coffee, chocolate, jam, charcuterie, and many other corners of the edible world.”

Turns out, Formaggio is so well-loved, its Huron spot couldn’t handle the demand. So you’ll understand why our mouths watered when we learned that Formaggio selected our very own neighborhood for The Annex¬†the new home to many of Formaggio’s famed classes and events.

Though tricky to find, The Annex is located just steps away from the Atmark. Here’s a sampling of upcoming classes held at The Annex, according to the online schedule:

  • The Perfect Pair: “Join us for a special evening of Valentine’s Day ‘matchmaking.’ We’ll taste a range of wines perfectly paired with our favorite cheeses, chocolates, and other special treats.”
  • Queso Royale: The Battle Rages On: “This class is five amazing rounds of next-level cheese pairing! Queso Royale is a chance for our cheese experts to get creative, showing off their command of flavor pairing principles and sharing their tips and tricks along the way.”
  • Whimsical Entertaining: Winter Condiment Making: “Join Jess and Julia for a walk through the bright flavors of winter, from ripe citrus to delicious quince. Come taste the fun combinations they have come up with, get the recipes, brainstorm on uses of seasonal herbs and produce.”
Note that some classes are still held in Huron Village, so choose an event scheduled for mid-Cambridge if you want to stay in the neighborhood. And be aware that these courses and events are ever-popular and often sell out.

If you’re on the fence, go for it! These classes make a great date night, girls’ night or indulgent opportunity to meet likeminded (food-loving) folks in the neighborhood