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Bike Brake: The Atmark’s Favorite Stops Along the Minuteman Bikeway

When a terrific new coffee shop the Kickstand Cafe opened in Arlington Center right along our favorite cycling route, we got to thinking about other fun places to grab a snack, enjoy the scenery or otherwise enjoy the incredible offerings of our neighboring towns.

Here are a few of our favorite off-path activities

Spy Pond: Catch a sunset, see the swans glide across the pond, (quietly) chat up a fisherman on the shore and envy the kayakers floating on the rippling water. This is a lovely spot any time of the day. Or any time of the year, for that matter. On a winter morning, you can enjoy having the pond nearly all to yourself. If you can brave the cold, catch a game of Saturday pond hockey and listen to the kiddos screaming down the nearby hill on their sleds.

Lexington Square: With retail shops, restaurants, cafes and even a small movie theater, the Lexington town center is a great place to stop for lunch or even an afternoon. Take in the historical landmarks, pop into the beautiful library or enjoy the offerings at several local art galleries.

American History 101: Stop and read the signs. The historical markers, that is. It can be easy to forget that you’re making your way over the same grounds tread by many prominent figures in your fifth grade history book. Remember, the redcoats retreated along this very route during the American Revolution. (And they had to do it on foot.)

If you reach the end of the Minuteman Bikeway and want to keep going, try off-roading on the Reformatory Branch Trail in Bedford. And if you pop a chain, or just like checking out the latest cycling-related gadgets, stop by the excellent Bikeway Source shop in Bedford, where you can buy or rent bikes and even cross-country skis.