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Local Business: Pet Patrol

Cambridge-based pet trainer Adria Karlsson has an absolute cult following. You can’t visit a dog park or pet supply store without hearing her name spoken with reverence.

Pet PatrolFor years, Adria has appeared on the doorsteps of beleaguered animal owners with problem pets and turned their situations around. She’s like the Super Nanny of the canine world, and she has a social media following that rivals that of many celebrities.

So you could almost hear a cheer go up across the neighborhood when word got out that Adria was opening a storefront The Pet Republic  right on Mass. Ave. in North Cambridge.

Since she’s often called on to help pets and young toddlers coexist, Adria’s longstanding dog training business, Dog Willing, LLC, has a fitting tagline: “Dog training for the whole family.” But really, it’s her animal expertise that’s key. She blogs on topics like, “How do you knock your dog’s socks off?” and “How to run with your dog.” If your feline’s feeling left out, there’s even one on clicker training for cats. Every post is a fun and informative read.

The Mass. Ave. store will allow Adria to offer small group classes like “Puppy Kindergarten” and “Basic Manners.” She’s hoping to expand her offerings with one-time “try-it” classes on topics like:

  • Four on the Floor: Don’t jump on the guests!
  • Go to Your Bed: Please, I just need some time to work/cook/sleep/watch tv
  • Loose Leash Walking: My shoulder just needs a break, please stop pulling me down the street.

Classes are offered evenings and weekends, and Adria is still providing one-on-one training sessions, too.

The Atmark loves nothing better than seeing a fun, well-run business join our already awesome neighborhood. Check out Adria’s website and read her blog to learn more. We’re betting that, if you don’t already, you (and your pet) are going to love her.