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Take a Look at Our Game Room & HD Theater

You shouldn’t have to leave your apartment community to have a little fun, right? At Atmark, we take this belief to heart.

Game RoomOne of the social hubs for Atmark residents is our game room and adjoining HD theater. Each weeknight after 5 p.m.  and pretty much all weekend this is where people come to wind down after work or working out in our gym.

We’re known to have a few pool sharks in our community. But no matter how sharp your skills, everyone is welcome to grab a cue, rack the balls and try their luck at our billiard table.

Whether or not anyone is shooting pool, there’s usually plenty going on in the game room. To one side of the billiard table are high-top tables, a popular spot for people to work and play on their laptops and tablets. On the other side is a wine bar with two mini fridges where residents can store wine and beer during private parties.

The game room opens right into the theater room, and people are often spilling back and forth. The theater room features an ultra large-screen HDTV along with stadium seating so that everyone has a great view. You can hang out and watch whatever’s on cable. Or, you can bring in a DVD or call up some entertainment via the iPad on the wall.

For an hourly charge, residents can reserve the game room and HD theater for a big event, like a birthday party or Super Bowl viewing. But for the most part, both rooms are available for everyone to enjoy.

We’ve been thrilled to see how popular this common space has become with our residents. It’s one more way we bring together the people who call Atmark home.