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Three Great Destinations for Outdoorsy Types

There’s so much to love here at the Atmark, you may be tempted to never leave the place. And of course, Fresh Pond Reservation offers amazing green space for walking, biking and running. But don’t let that stop you from checking out other local spots if you’re craving some fresh-air fun.

Here are a few favorites to explore:

Spy PondSpy Pond, Arlington

Swans-a-swimming, kayakers-a-kayaking, fisherman-a-fishing. This sweet little pond and park along the Minuteman Bike Trail is the perfect place to take a break from your run or ride. However, you’ll also find off-street parking if you’re in a rush to get there.

Sit and take in the nature sounds or stop by at sundown on a summer evening and watch for bats. The neighboring Spy Pond Field features a baseball diamond, open field and tennis courts. Cold winters bring pond hockey, sledding and snowball fights for all ages.

Menotomy Rocks Park, Arlington

At this park, beautiful, scenic trails wind around the pond and into the woods. Perfect picnic spots abound, so bring your lunch or come in the evening and soak in a gorgeous sunset.

This tucked-away destination is smack in the middle of Arlington, but is kept pristine and rarely gets crowded. Bring your dog and a Frisbee along, and you’ll both likely make some new friends. Warning: The entrance, on Jason Street, is easy to miss.

Fells Reservation, Middlesex County

This sprawling forest reservation is home to hundreds of species of plants as well as deer, coyotes, foxes and fisher cats, according to the Friends of the Fells website. With over 2,500 acres to explore, you can visit dozens of times without seeing the same spot twice. Regulars recommend starting with the Sheepfold picnic area, Bellevue Pond, Virginia Wood and Spot Pond.

The Fells attracts huge numbers of day hikers and mountain bikers all the time. Though there are multiple parking lots, plan to drive around a bit before you find an open space on a weekend.

Who knew that a rich, urban location could be packaged with such a range of remarkable, well-preserved options for outdoor activities? (Well, we did, of course!)