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While Away a Sunny Spring Day at Daheny Park

While Away a Sunny Spring Day at Daheny Park

When Cambridge locals are looking for a little peace and quiet, they’ll always find it at Danehy Park. Despite the park’s relatively modest size, it’s a beloved part of the community thanks to its natural beauty and meticulous maintenance—not to mention the many opportunities for outdoor recreation.

If you have little ones, they’ll appreciate the pair of playgrounds. One of them even has a splash pad for hot summer days. Go for a jog around the track or bring your pooch and let him run off-leash in the fenced-in dog park. Regulars say the park is stocked with waste bags, and you’ll always find it filled with friendly pups and equally amiable owners. Enjoy beautiful views as you stroll or bike along the park’s paved path, which slices through a scenic wetland area, or just snag a picnic table and enjoy lunch at Danehy Park.