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Cabinets Bare at Atmark? Restock at Trader Joe’s!

Cabinets Bare at Atmark? Restock at Trader Joe’s!

Trader Joe’s always has the element of surprise to draw in customers. Its creative team is constantly brainstorming new ideas for fun and unexpected foods, which they roll out on a rotating basis via the store’s own signature line. So you never know exactly what you’ll find at Trader Joe’s.

Sure, it always stocks the staples—organic fruits and veggies, dry pasta and frozen foods, fresh eggs and dairy. But its shelves might also hold bags of mixed nuts and dried olives dusted with herbs, or “Springle Jangle,” a salty-sweety mix of everything from yogurt pretzels to butter toffee peanuts. When the seasons change, especially, it’s usually a safe bet that you’ll see something new. So don’t be afraid to stray from your list a little when you do your grocery shopping at the local Trader Joe’s in Cambridge!