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Ivory Pearl Serves Up Sea-to-Table Fare in Brookline

Ivory Pearl Serves Up Sea-to-Table Fare in Brookline

“A culture of togetherness.” That’s what the team at Ivory Pearl is trying to foster. With that goal in mind, they do everything in their power to source their ingredients from local farmers and vendors. When that’s not possible, they collaborate with the best purveyors from around the globe. All throughout the process, sustainability is a major factor.

That’s all to say that the sea-to-table fish at Ivory Pearl is of the highest quality, and even though it’s only been open for about a month, patrons are already taking notice. They highly recommend dishes like the fluke crudo, the New England oysters, and the Jonah crab claws—not to mention the craft cocktails. The Silk Prescription is a twist on the gin martini, and it’s an early favorite. Ivory Pearl is currently offering takeout, dine-in, and outdoor seating options.