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Stock Up on Locally Grown Produce at Allandale Farm

Stock Up on Locally Grown Produce at Allandale Farm

It’s not always easy to find local, organic produce near city limits. Allandale Farm has set out to change that. It resides in Brookline, growing fresh fruits and veggies and conveying them directly to Boston-area customers via its own market. In fact, almost everything you’d find here has been harvested only hours before, from sweet potatoes to winter squashes.

And since the folks at Allandale Farm care so much about their community, it should come as no surprise that they’re going to extra lengths to keep everyone safe and healthy right now. They’ve moved their registers outside, enacted strict mask-wearing guidelines, and require customers to social-distance while shopping. Even if you don’t need groceries, you can stop by Allandale Farm to pick up some new houseplants or bulbs at the garden center.