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Now Open Near Atmark: Muku Ramen

Now Open Near Atmark: Muku Ramen

A corn fritter rests neatly atop a bowl of Tokyo-style tonkotsu broth teeming with pork chashu, ground pork, beansprouts, cabbage, and a soft-boiled egg. This description depicts the signature miso soup at Muku Ramen. It’s just one of the many iterations of the Japanese soup on the menu at this newly opened eatery.

Pick up some takeout or sit down in the socially-distanced dining room to try some of the fresh international fare. Craving something spicy? The aptly named Red Devil ramen features the same ingredients as the signature miso, but swimming in a red-hot broth. Want to skip the meat? The veggie tan tan-men starts with a soymilk broth, to which the chef adds a mix of veggies, including shishito peppers and shimeji mushrooms, as well as sesame oil and a drizzle of chili oil. A renkon chip and a corn fritter cap off the creation.