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A Must-Stop Shop for Atmark Cyclists: Bike Boom

A Must-Stop Shop for Atmark Cyclists: Bike Boom

Bike Boom on Highland Avenue has been around for years, but their name feels especially appropriate as we emerge from the pandemic. Bike business has been booming, with folks seeking to get outside and adopt healthier traveling practices. Bike Boom is here to help! The shop stocks every type of new ride available, from hybrids and kids bikes, to single speeds and roadsters, plus has the expert team to get you on the model that’s right for you. And when it comes to service and repairs, there’s no place better than Bike Boom. The team knows their way around two wheels, and offers everything from basic tune-ups to get you road ready, to tricky repairs to save your much-loved cycle from the scrap pile. 

Busy bikers can take advantage of pick-up or delivery service (just $10 each way), as well as quick and easy scheduling right from Bike Boom’s website. Get your bike ready for summertime treks with an appointment today, or check out the shop if you’re still in search of the perfect cycle.